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Hard Green

Critical Acclaim for Peter Huber’s Hard Green

“Peter Huber’s Hard Green will be a landmark in thinking about the environment. It is wise, witty, and wonderfully well written and is essential reading for all who care about the environment. All of my 30 years experience in cancer prevention and environmental issues tells me that the conventional environmental wisdom is wrong, and harmful to both the poor and the environment, and that Huber is right on the issues. Huber's extraordinary scholarship and intelligence illuminates the mists of muddle-headedness that obscures the road we must travel to a green, healthy, and wealthy world."
     - Bruce N. Ames, Director, Environmental Health Sciences Center, University of California Berkeley

“Peter Huber's brilliant exploration of the ideology of environmentalism takes the breath away by its ingenuity, intensity, and polemical artistry. It is the richest contribution ever made to the greening of the political mind.”
     - William F. Buckley, Jr., Founder and Editor-in-Chief of National Review

“This is a great book by one of the most original and brilliant minds--and best writers--of our time. Whether you’re a Greenie or a Greaser, you will never think about the environment, or environmentalism, the same way again, but you probably will think about it more hopefully.”
     - George Gilder, author of Wealth and Poverty and Microcosm

“Too many liberals ignore thoughtful conservatives. Don’t make that mistake with Peter Huber. His new book may make you mad, but it will definitely make you reexamine your assumptions.”
     -Charles Peters, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Monthly

“This book is a must read for anyone who really cares about preserving the environment. Peter Huber has combined his knowledge of true science with a lawyer’s logic to destroy old myths and chart new pathways to keeping the planet truly green.”
     - Walter Wriston, author of The Twilight of Sovereignty and former Chairman of Citicorp.

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