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Hard Green.

Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists: A Conservative Manifesto

By Peter Huber

Published by Basic Books.

Now Available in paperback at Amazon.com!

Hard Green
is now available at Amazon.com

Reviews of Hard Green

Green—Both Hard and Difficult” by Brian Doherty, The American Spectator, July/August 2000

From National Review, Books in Brief, Christopher Rapp, May 22, 2000

Greener Than Thou” by Mark Hertsgaard, The New York Times, May 7, 2000

Review by Herman Daly, The American Prospect, April 24, 2000

Earth Day And Disingenuous Greens” by Kennedy Maize, The Electricity Daily, April 17, 2000

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Listen in RealAudio to Peter
Huber and Bill McKibben’s
discussion of Hard Green
at a recent
Manhattan Institute Symposium {McKibben is author of The End of Nature (Doubleday, 1989)

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Wall Street Journal:

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Other publications:

Al Gore Is No Conservationist,” by Peter Huber, The Washington Post, April 21, 2000.

Running Strong,” National Review, April 17, 2000.

Wealth is Green,” IntellectualCapital.com, March 23, 2000.

How Cities Green the Planet,” Peter Huber & Mark P. Mills, City Journal, Winter 2000.

Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists,” Commentary, April 1998.

Peter Huber’s web site

The Manhattan Institute

What Others Are Saying...

“. . . Peter Huber’s “conservative manifesto” for the environment is welcome. With considerable courage, braving attacks from both the establishment right and the politically tone-deaf ideological purists of the various think tanks, Huber salutes Roosevelt for his true geatness as a federal conservationist.”
     - Bill McKibben, from “Acquiantance of the Earth,”
The New York Review of Books, May 25, 2000

“Greener Than Thou: Two books offer disparate plans for the environment movement”
     - Mark Hertsgaard, The New York Times Book Review, May 7, 2000

“Peter Huber's brilliant exploration of the ideology of environmentalism takes the breath away by its ingenuity, intensity, and polemical artistry. It is the richest contribution ever made to the greening of the political mind.”
     - William F. Buckley, Jr., Founder and Editor-in-Chief of National Review

“Too many liberals ignore thoughtful conservatives. Don’t make that mistake with Peter Huber. His new book may make you mad, but it will definitely make you reexamine your assumptions.”
     - Charles Peters, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Monthly

“This is a great book by one of the most original and brilliant minds--and best writers--of our time. Whether you’re a Greenie or a Greaser, you will never think about the environment, or environmentalism, the same way again, but you probably will think about it more hopefully.”
     - George Gilder, author of Wealth and Poverty and Microcosm

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Hard Green.

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