Manhattan Institute Young Leaders Circle Forum
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6:00 – 8:30 PM
The program will begin at 6:45 PM

Fred Siegel
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Author, The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

Dear YLC Members,

I hope you will join us on January 8th when we will hear from MI senior fellow Fred Siegel, “the economic historian of the American city,” according to the Wall Street Journal. In his most recent book, The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class, Siegel sheds new light on the history of modern American liberalism. He shows that today’s dominant brand of liberalism—the odd coalition of progressive elites and the economically disadvantaged (with public-employee unions as part of the mix)—began with post-World War I intellectuals who were disillusioned with America and disdained the middle-class way of life. At the January YLC forum, Siegel will discuss the history of liberalism, its influence on politics and society in New York City, and what the future might hold for it under new Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Fred Siegel is a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership, a City Journal contributing editor, and an expert on urban governance. As a senior adviser to Rudolph Giuliani’s 1993 mayoral campaign, he wrote one of Mr. Giuliani’s path-breaking speeches on the quality of life. He was also one of the original editors of City Journal.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

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Very much looking forward to seeing everyone, 

Vanessa C. Mendoza 
Executive Vice President, Manhattan Institute

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