" In recent years, few researchers have consistently produced as much influential, and some would say
heretical, research on topics roiling education."—Education Week



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What Special-Interest Groups Want YOU to BELIEVE About our SCHOOLS– AND WHY IT ISN'T SO

By Jay P.Greene
Foreword by James Q. Wilson


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"A must read for the many people who—frequently with good intentions—enter the policy arena without the relevant facts."
ERIC A. HANUSHEK, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

"Clears away the fog. Well-supported, powerful, and ultimately persuasive. A major contribution."
ROD PAIGE, former U.S. Secretary of Education

"Much of what passes for conventional wisdom in the field of education is not wisdom at all, but myth. In this terrific book, Jay Greene identifies some of the most popular myths that have long misled the public—and unfortunately, its policymakers—and shows, through clear reasoning, creative analysis, and persuasive evidence, what the facts are. If we are ever to succeed in improving America's schools, this is the kind of thinking we need."
TERRY MOE, Stanford University Professor and Hoover Institution fellow

"Cleanly, deftly, succinctly, Jay Greene rips off the masks obscuring the realities of public education today."
PAUL PETERSON, director, Program on Education Policy and Governance, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Anyone who has struggled to reform education has been frustrated by assertions that are often repeated, but are completely unsupported by research. Education Myths provides reformers and the general public with an accessible and persuasive summary of the evidence needed to identify and rebut these assertions, clearing the path for meaningful reform."
HOWARD FULLER, former Superintendent Milwaukee Public Schools



"With this clearly and powerfully written book, reformers everywhere will have the evidence and arguments they need to push aside the myths standing in front of the schoolhouse door."

"This timely, plain-spoken, myth-demolishing book unmasks the self-interest, naivete and well-intended gullibility that leads Americans to embrace eighteen seductive assumptions about education that turn out to be false—and that block the promising reforms that our schools and children urgently need."
- CHESTER E. FINN JR., president, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

Manhattan Institute