C o n s u m e r - D r i v e n   H e a l t h   C a r e
Consumer-Driven Health Care: Implications for Providers, Payers and Policy Makers.


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ISBN: 0-7879-5258-3
928 pages
April 2004, Jossey-Bass
US $55.00

Market-Driven Healthcare: Who Wins, Who Loses in the Transformation of America's Largest Service Industry

Consumer-Driven Health Care
Implications for Providers, Payers and Policy Makers

(Jossey-Bass, April 2004)

Edited by Regina E. Herzlinger
Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow


Large Employer Views of Consumer-Driven Health Care: Current Interest, Barriers, and Potential Solutions
Thomas R. Beauregard
Practice Leader
National Health Care Practice
Hewitt Associates
Norwalk, Connecticut

The Role of Defined Contributions for Dental Services
James Garrison
President and Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Washington Dental Service
Delta Dental Plans Association
Seattle, Washington

Consumer-Driven Health Care: A “Fork in the Road” for Employers
Thomas J. Kuhlman
Principal and Health Care Strategy Issue Leader
Towers Perrin
Chicago, Illinois

How Insurers and Others Can Use Their Data to Help Achieve Consumer-Driven Health Care
Mark Litow
Consulting Actuary
Milliman USA, Inc.
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Consumer-Driven Health Care in Germany: A Proposal
Wilfried Prewo, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Hanover, Germany


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Professor Herzlinger provides a compelling argument for consumer-driven health care. The health care system has been marked for decades with rising costs and consumer dissatisfaction. Professor Herzlinger challenges the reader to look beyond solutions that are based on what consumers should want to solutions that give consumers what they want."—Barbara Bigelow, Ph.D., co-editor, Health Care Management Review, professor of management, Clark University Graduate School of Management

 "Regina Herzlinger has a formidable reputation as an expert on reforming health care. There are lessons here for all of us who care about reforming our health systems to make them better."
—David Willets, MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and member of parliament, UK.

 "This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know why the American model of health insurance benefits that has been around for about 50 years is all washed up, and what is most likely to replace it."
—Roger Feldman, Blue Cross Professor of Health Insurance, University of Minnesota

 "No other author in the health field could write a book like Consumer-Driven Health Care, or make the kind of impact that Regina Herzlinger can make on America’s $1.5 trillion health care industry. As one of the health field’s most respected economists and business strategists, Professor Herzlinger can persuade corporate CEOs, Washington policymakers, benefits administrators, and hospital executives to reshape their strategy based on a market run by consumers. Remarkably, for an academic, she can write. This book translates health economics into simple English, reducing the “mystery-inside-a-
conundrum” field into everyday transactions like selecting a health plan that any health care consumer can recognize. Consumer-Driven Health Care will be a top candidate for health care’s 'book of the year.' "
—Russell C. Coile, Jr., consultant, editor, Russ Coile’s Health Trends, and author, Competing On Excellence  


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