The Twilight Of Fuel, The Virtue Of Waste, And Why We Will Never Run Out Of Energy


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Basic Books, 2005
By Peter Huber and Mark P. Mills


THE FRIDAY LETTER, Gilder Publishing
Issue 185.0/January 21, 2005

Friday Feature/ Book of the Month

Read this myth-shattering book (by the former editors of Gilder Publishing's Huber/Mills Digital Power Report, Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills) that explains why energy is not scarce, why the price of energy doesn't matter very much, and why "waste" of energy is both necessary and desirable.

Book Description: The sheer volume of talk about energy, energy prices, and energy policy on both sides of the political aisle suggests that we must know something about these subjects. But according to Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills, the things we think we know are mostly myths. In The Bottomless Well, Huber and Mills show how a better understanding of energy will radically change our views and policies on a number of very controversial issues.

Writing in take-no-prisoners, urgently compelling prose, Huber and Mills explain why demand for energy will never go down, why most of what we think of as "energy waste" actually benefits us; why more efficient cars, engines, and bulbs will never lower demand, and why energy supply is infinite. In the automotive sector, gas prices matter less and less, and hybrid engines will most likely lead us to cars propelled by the coal-fired grid. As for the much-maligned power grid itself, it's the worst system we could have except for all the proposed alternatives. Expanding energy supplies mean higher productivity, more jobs, and a growing GDP. Across the board, energy isn't the problem, energy is the solution.

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The Bottomless Well

"This is the book for anyone who deplores "group think" and demands original analysis. The authors by careful research and a clear eye destroy the six myths about energy they say constitutes today's conventional wisdom. Indeed the book is about "mastering power itself—the capture and release of energy" and its effect on society, ours and others. Anyone with an open mind will never think about "the energy problem" quite the same way after reading this powerful and provocative book."

Walter B. Wriston

"No one with a responsibility for policy—or an interest in it—can grasp the new realities of energy and the environment without mastering the iconoclastic themes and insights of this supremely true and contrarian work."

George Gilder

Manhattan Institute