ISBN: 978-0-465-02947-1
Basic Books, June 5, 2012

Matt Olsen
Manhattan Institute

Dori Gelb
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Reviews l Advance Praise


On the Merits, Jeff Carrol, The University of Chicago Magazine

A Cure for What Ails Us, Robert Grant, Wall Street Journal

Rehabilitating capitalism for those who have lost faith, The Economist

Unequal Measures, Samuel Brittan, Financial Times

True Capitalists Are Pro-Market, Not Pro-Business, Stephen Carter, Bloomberg

Imagining a Romney Recovery, Ross Douthat, New York Times

Happy jobs day!, Karl Singer, Washington Post’s Wonkblog

Page-turners: What should you be reading this summer?, Ben Boychuk & Pia Lopez, Sacramento Bee

Nostalgia for the land of opportunity, John Plender, Financial Times

Reviewing a Capitalism for the People, Publishers Weekly

A Capitalism for the People, Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution



"[A]n elegy to the America (Zingles) found when he moved here 24 years ago."
The Economist

"[F]ascinating…. Zingales provides an enormous service by laying out such persuasive evidence."
National Review Online

"[A Capitalism for the People] is the book that hits closest to the mark on the question of where the American center-right ought to go in the next few years."
Bloomberg View

"Zingales offers more than rehashed Friedman or Hayek. It’s a book that should appeal to tea partyers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd."
Sacramento Bee

"Zingales…presents a striking dichotomy….engaging."
Publishers Weekly

"Zingales's fundamental diagnosis is right….[T]his remains a stimulating essay on the nature of American capitalism and the issues that will determine the pace of America’s relative decline."
Financial Times

"I know you have book fatigue, popular economics book fatigue, policy book fatigue, and books-with-subtitles-like-this fatigue, all at once. But this book is really, really good. It hits all the right notes, is clearly written, and refers to academics as the new crony capitalists. I agreed with almost all of it. If I had to pick out one book, of this entire lot of books, to explain what is going on right now to a popular audience of non-economists, this might well be it."
Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen

"More than 30 years ago, Milton and Rose Director Friedman raised high the banner of small-government free-market libertarianism with their Free to Choose. Now, a generation later, income inequality is substantially higher, the globe is even more interconnected, and our partial financial deregulation has backfired badly. Luigi Zingales thus has a harder task as he tries to update the small-government free-market libertarian position for the 21st century. But he has done a very good job at it."
J. Bradford DeLong, University of California, Berkeley

"This remarkably creative book, driven by a strong moral conviction, offers a bold array of ideas for us to ponder, so we can really make the American capitalist model work better for everyone. "
Robert Schiller, author of Finance and the Good Society

"In A Capitalism for the People Luigi Zingales joins the small but influential group of economists who see that America’s economy is now more and more corporatist, less and less capitalist. His impressive account of our downhill slide is enriched by his deep knowledge of the harm wrought by the worst excesses of Italian crony capitalism. A must-read."
Edmund Phelps, Director, Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University

"An especially accessible and holistic assessment of what went wrong in our financial markets and an especially thoughtful and constructive proposal for the future. Highly recommended!"
Nell Minow, co-author of Corporate Governance and co-owner and board member of GMI Ratings

"In A Capitalism for People, Luigi Zingales exposes the pernicious collusion of big business and big government – offering the sharp analytical perspective of a world-renowned economist and the unique personal perspective of an immigrant living the American Dream. This must-read for policymakers and citizens alike serves as a lucid call to action for rediscovering what makes America exceptional."
Paul Ryan, US Congressman, Wisconsin

"A Capitalism for the People is a wise, deep, and timely book. With lively prose, Zingales diagnoses what is right and wrong with the U.S. economy. Whether your political sympathies lie with the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, or someplace in between, you will learn much about how we can best promote an economic future that works for all of us."
N. Gregory Mankiw, Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics, Harvard University, and author of Principles of Economics